3 Main Factors That Drive FX Markets

Global FX markets can potentially provide a wide variety of trading opportunities. As the largest financial market on the planet, foreign exchange markets can be influenced by numerous inputs. Here are three of the biggest factors that drive trade in modern FX markets:   Interest Rates and Monetary Policy: Interest…

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The Importance Of FinTech In The Revolution Of Forex

FinTech has become an integral part of how forex works, and traders around the world need to quickly adapt to brand new technologies practically every day, but does FinTech really play a part in the revolution of forex and its markets?  Read more HERE

Three Main Factors Driving FX Markets Currently

The foreign exchange markets can at times see extremely volatile price action. Although there are numerous potential influences that can drive prices, there are currently three major catalysts that have likely been the primary force behind some of the significant, recent swings in currency markets.   Risk Aversion: In recent…

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